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I have been working in the fitness industry as a fitness professional for over 20yrs. In this time I have helped over 3500 clients gain better fitness and learn how to live a healthier life.

I have a wide variety of skills and qualifications to my name that never cease to keep growing as I believe that we should never stop learning. Some of the notable qualifications are as follows:


Diploma of Fitness

Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy 

Level 3 Fitness Professional (Fitness Australia)

Level 1 & 2 Bare Foot Training Specialist

Bosu Trainer

Rehab Trainer

Vipr Trainer

Boxing & Kickboxing Trainer

Fitball Master Trainer

Suspension Trainer

Advanced Postural Analysis

Advanced Strength Conditioning Coach

And the list goes on…

Some of my personal achievements have been to represent Australia in track & field a number of times, in particular the sprint events (100m, 200m, 400m & relays). I have competed in many countries and had the pleasure of competing & sometimes training with some of the worlds best athletes in their discipline over the years, giving me a wealth of experience in many ways.

I have competed in pro running races (handicapped racing events) across Australia coming away with some good prize money and winners sashes.

Also over the past 13 years I have had the pleasure of learning and teaching the art Muay Thai (and there is always much more to learn).

Over the years I have had a wide variety of rolls spaning from Training/Strength Conditioning athletes in boxing & Muay Thai kickboxing, track & field, swimming, all of the football codes (league, union & soccer), basketball & tennis. All this plus plenty of success stories with clients wanting to lose weight and gain back their ability to move like they used too through carefully planned & executed individual training programs.

I believe everyone has the ability to achieve success! I believe everyone needs to learn about their body through training, not just get told what to do! I believe in training smarter not harder because as we age our joints are only going to wear out no matter what, so TRAIN INTENTIONALLY NOT JUST HABITUALLY!

If you’re searching for the whole package, you can stop looking now, because you’ve found it at Peak Training Facility with Nathan Carr.

"I happened upon Nathan as a friend’s referred PT almost three years ago now, and haven’t looked back. I had years of trials and tribulations behind me with various gyms and trainers, all who on the surface appeared to be equipped with the popular training methods, latest state of the art equipment, biceps, tans and smokes and mirrors. Scratch the surface though, and save a few, I was just receiving the same churned out regurgitated sessions and classes and feeling that I wasn’t really getting anywhere. After a time out because I thought it was me just not getting the whole gym/PT “diet”, I received a glowing referral through a friend, of a trainer who was holistic and professional and knew what he was doing, and more importantly, who understood what his clients were about.

So, in a nutshell, I gave him a shot, and haven’t looked back! Nathan is dedicated to his clients, their individual needs and wants, their abilities, strengths and weaknesses, their progress through their programs, their highs/lows in training … he has a holistic approach which encompasses the clients wellbeing, lifestyle, present and future. There’s not much Nathan doesn’t know with his years of experience and continued learning approach to his vocation – he lives and breathes health and fitness. Nathans philosophy particularly appealed to me because I am interested in living a long, healthy and active life, and his approach is to educate me as to how.

In fact, three years on I have been so inspired by Nathan in an industry in which I was previously underwhelmed, that I am undertaking a Cert 3&4 in Fitness to become a Personal Trainer myself. Of course, I am completing these Personal Trainer Courses in a face to face environment at Peak Training Facility.

I wouldn’t choose to be anywhere else.” Vicki Thornton



When I made the choice to become a Personal Trainer, my first thoughts were – Where do I go?

When I made the choice to become a Personal Trainer, my first thoughts were – Where do I go? There are so many different course providers ALL SAYING they are the best, even some with celebrity endorsements. And more importantly, will they give me the BEST education on all facets of Fitness & Health so that I will be able to make an impact in this very popular industry?

After many hours spent shopping around and finding that some course providers were charging in excess of $10 000, it was then that I consulted a friend that was already a successful Personal Trainer. He recommended me talking with Nathan at Peak Training Facility as he was trained by Nathan a few years prior, he told me that in the time he has been in the Fitness Industry he had come across many PT’s that feel that they had been let down or not taught what they should of. This led me to the realisation that I needed to contact Nathan at Peak Training Facility immediately.

Firstly, I was not bombarded with marketing materials but instead was able to talk to Nathan about what I wanted to achieve as a Personal Trainer in the Fitness Industry. Nathan helped me understand that there’s much more to being a Personal Trainer than just looking the part or chasing the next fad thing. It was then from that point I was able to quickly get the ball rolling with Nathan at Peak Training Facility to get started on my career as a PT or as I like to call it a Real Fitness Professional!  

Not only was I given the best pre-course information so that I could make an informed decision about how & where I should go to do my course, but it was also remarkably better priced than all the other course providers that I had contacted and had meetings with! The course at Peak Training Facility was everything I wanted it to be and more! Fast paced, relevant and well layered. A good mix of theory and practical components to give me all the knowledge needed to hit the ground running.

I was able to walk into the industry knowing I already had the edge over other students coming out of the more generic Cert 3/4 Fitness courses because I had a great grasp of all the fundamentals of fitness through the in depth teaching Nathan provides in his course at Peak Training Facility.  That’s now become even more apparent as I consistently have 30+ sessions a week, gaining most of my clients purely through referral! If I had to give Nathan & Peak Training Facility a score out of 10, it would definitely be 10/10. Would highly recommend this course for someone wanting to make a career as a Fitness Professional.

Yours Sincerely,” Natalie Hogan



Thank you so much!




“I have achieved amazing fitness goals with Nathan at Peak Training Facility.  I highly recommend these guys whether you are after weight loss or simply want to reach fitness goals.  I really like that the kids can do a class while I workout, great value for the whole family!” Angie Neal


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