Allow your body time to heal and recover through the healing hands

Why we all need Remedial Massage:

  • The day to day stress on our body takes its toll and our muscles will be locked and knotted if left in that state of stress
  • Poor posture and tension from holding positions for long periods of time at work or everyday life leads to feelings of fatigue and tightness.  
  • Remedial Massage should not be painful or make you sore, if it does you have most likely done more damage not good, and that is not what I leave my clients like!
  • 20 years of treating people for Sciatic pain, Frozen Shoulder, Neck & Back pain, Sports injuries & more!


    All Massage treatments are by appointment only. Please call to make an appointment &  to chat about how my treatment methodology can help you achieve relief from your aches and pains!

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